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N-linked Deglycosylation Kit
PNGase F cleaves the β-aspartylglucosamine bond between the N-Acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) and asparagine linkage

N-linked Deglycosylation Kit

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N-linked deglycosylation kit contains enough PNGase F (FSB0002), N-linked glycobiology standard, Ovalbumin (FSB1001), and appropriate buffers (Denaturing, Reaction, and NP40) to complete 20 reactions of a volume of 20 µLiters.

Properties of PNGaseF

Quantity40 μL
Specific Activity>10 U/mg
Purity>95% by SDS-PAGE
Molecular Weight34,800 daltons (Apparent)
Extinction coefficient1 mg/ml = 2.01/cm path length (Calculated) at 280 nm
Theoretical pI8.39
Storage Buffer20 mM Tris - pH 7.5, 50 mM NaCl, 0.5 mM EDTA
UnitsOne unit is defined as the amount of enzyme required to catalyze the release of >95% N-linked oligosaccharides from 60 μmoles of denatured ribonuclease B in 1 hour at 37C, pH 7.5. One micromolar unit of PNGase F activity is equal to 1,000 nanomolar units (IUB milliunits).

Supplied Reagents

  • Enzyme (stored in 20 mM Tris - pH 7.5, 50 mM NaCl, 0.5 mM EDTA)
  • 10X Deglycosylation Reaction Buffer (0.5 M sodium phosphate – pH 7.5)
  • 10X Denaturing Solution (5% SDS and 0.4 M DTT)
  • 15% NP40 (w/v)
  • N-linked glycobiology standard (Ovalbumin Product # FSP1001)

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