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RTB Maltose/D-Glucose Detection Assay
RTB Maltose/D-Glucose Detection Assay

RTB Maltose/D-Glucose Detection Assay

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The Real Time Blues™ (RTB) - Maltose/D-glucose detection assay

Optimized for glycobiology applications

The Real Time Blues™ (RTB) - Maltose/D-glucose detection assay can be used to quantify the maltose or D-glucose concentration in an unknown sample. In this assay, maltose is hydrolysed by α-glucosidase to produce total D-glucose. Subsequently, glucose oxidase converts the D-glucose to D-gluconate and hydrogen peroxide. Finally, horseradish peroxidase is used to convert our RTB reagent and the resulting hydrogen peroxide into a stable blue product that can be measured optically. The amount of maltose is then calculated by subtracting the free D-glucose detection from the total D-glucose detection (sample with and without α-glucosidase hydrolysis).

What's Included

This kit provides enough reagents for conducting 100 assays of maltose or D-glucose in a 96-well optical plate using sample volumes of 100 µL per well. In this format as little as 2 nmoles of D-glucose or 4 nmoles of maltose can be quantified.

Principle Specifications Technical Info
> Quantitative colorimetric> Robust reagent
> Real-time or Endpoint> 4 nmoles maltose detection
> Broad range linearity> 2 nmoles D-glucose detection
> Stable coloration
> pH: 3.0 to 9.0



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