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Neuraminidase Assay
Thiobarbituric Acid or Neuraminidase Assay

Neuraminidase Assay

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Thiobarbituric Acid or Neuraminidase Assay: This kit contains reagents for determining concentration of sialic acid in aqueous samples using the classical thiobarbituric acid method developed by Warren with modifications. Enough substrate, enzyme and reagents are provided to conduct at least two complete 96-well plate assays.

The kit follows the four steps to determine the amount of sialic acid in a sample:

  1. Bound sialic acids are hydrolyzed using a neuraminidase.
  2. Free sialic acids are oxidized chemically to produce maleic acids.
  3. Maleic acids are combined with TBA to produce a colorized product (adduct).
  4. The adducts are quantified spectrophotometrically.

All chemical reactions can be completed in approximately 2 hours and characterization typically can be completed in a few hours.


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