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Crystal Structure of chicken egg Ovotransferrin (Ref. 7)


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Ovotransferrin (or conalbumin) is a 686 amino acid glycoprotein from chicken egg white [1], which is expressed as a 705 amino acid pro-protein with a 19 amino acid glycosylation signal sequence that is ultimately cleaved [2]. Ovotransferrin has a single N-linked glycosylation located in the second domain at N492 [3, 4] that corresponds to a molecular weight of about 77.3 kilodaltons (deglycosylated weight of 75.9 kilodaltons) [5, 6]. The structure of ovotransferrin is made up of two transferrin-like domains that are stabilized by six disulfide bonds in the first domain and nine in the second [7, 8]. Each domain can bind one Fe3+ and one carbonate molecule coordinated by a four amino acid Asp-Tyr-Tyr-His motif and a Tyr-Arg-Ala-Gly motif [7], respectively. Apo-ovotransferrin (0-Fe3+) has two apparent isoelectric points (pI) at 6.09 (minor) and 6.24 (major), whereas mono-ovotransferrin (1-Fe3+) has a pI at 6.68, and holo-ovotransferrin (2-Fe3+) has a pI at 7.17 [9]. Absent bicarbonate, ovotransferrin can form a complex with iron and EDTA (iron-ovotransferrin-EDTA) that has an optical peak that can be observed near 490 nm, and with bicarbonate it can form an iron-ovotransferrin-CO3(-) complex has an optical peak near 470 nm [10]. At pH 7 the apo form has a thermal denaturation near 60C, where as the holo form denatures near 65C [11].


Quantity100 mg
Purity>95% by SDS-PAGE
Molecular Weight77.3 kDa (glycosylated), 75.9 kDa (deglycosylated)
Extinction coefficient1 mg/ml = 1.16/cm path length (Calculated) at 280 nm
Theoretical pI0-Fe3+: 6.09-6.24, 1-Fe3+: 6.68, 2-Fe3+: 7.17
StorageFormat: Liquid
Buffer: 20 mM Tris - pH 8.0, 80 mM NaCl
Temperature: 4C


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